Job-seeking professionals would never consider sending out weak résumés, designed with fancy lettering and rich colors yet void of information detailing solid educational achievements and work experience. They understand that a solid résumé is the only way to be considered by most potential employers, and that a résumé needs to be accessible on a digital platform, such as LinkedIn.

There is no debate that content is the most important element of an effective résumé. How would you respond, then, if someone asked you what the most important component of your company’s website is? Would you respond differently based on the size of the company in question? Is there one universal answer to that basic question?

Yes, there is – and it is simple: Content, content, content.

In the modern business world, your website content is literally your résumé. Content is what first introduces and sells you to potential customers and clients. How your content is perceived and interpreted can make or break your potential relationship.

A great deal of time and effort can be – and often is – spent on designing a website that reflects an owner’s personality and a company’s key market focus, but all of this effort is for naught if the content is lifeless and without focus. An aesthetically pleasing, well-organized website is fine, but it is not the same as a high-quality website. And that difference comes down to content quality.

Potential customers are more business savvy than they have been at any point in history. They have access to more information than previous generations, and it takes very little effort to compare your services to those of your competitors. People are willing to overlook a slightly boring visual impression if the content is compelling; conversely, people leave flashy, visually appealing websites quite quickly if the content is not engaging and informative.

What is Quality Content?

High-quality content does the following:

  • Answers questions before they’re asked
  • Establishes credibility as an expert in your industry
  • Makes readers confident in your ability to meet their needs
  • Focuses on what makes your company unique and valuable.
  • Provides people with the specific information they want and expect.
  • Appeals to multiple senses and learning styles.
  • Avoids relying on tricks and gimmicks designed solely to improve search-engine rankings.
  • Leaves an impression your prospects, customers, and clients will remember after they leave.

Defined simply, content is everything that conveys information about your company and what it provides. It is the written word, videos, graphics, etc. – anything that is created to explain some aspect of your business. It is a combination of what you say and how you say it.

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