When Words Mean Everything…

Have you submitted your manuscript only to have it returned with a note that says, “Needs editing?”

Have you received numerous rejection letters?

Do you want the specialty services of an experienced editor without the extraordinary fees associated with major editing houses?

Dave is an experienced book editor who works closely with authors to develop and polish fiction and non-fiction works. Shadra is an experienced AP editor with an eye for detail. Clients have included MSN, Sprint, and Dove. Whether you need general guidance or a detailed mechanical pre-publication edit, we offer rapid turnaround, multiple editing options and reasonable rates. We have impeccable grammar and proofreading skills as well as master’s degrees in English literature. Editing experience includes newspaper articles, magazines, books (fiction, non-fiction, youth), speeches and peer-reviewed journal articles.

Services Available


Because we are experienced and published writers and ghostwriters for more than 40 published books, we can assist you with organization and style. Your manuscript consultation will include a written evaluation complete with recommendations and affirmations.

Project Development

If you are a business owner or Internet marketer and need assistance developing a viable topic and outline for your book, we can assist you with the research, marketing approach, and plan for your book or ebook.

Substantial Edit

When your book is complete and you need an initial edit, we can help you improve the flow and structural organization of the book to ensure that your readers will understand your message.

Style Edit

A style edit helps you capture the flavor of your book. Whether it’s dialogue, narrative or statistics you struggle with, a style edit can hep transform your book from boring to un-put-down-able.

Mechanical Edit

A mechanical edit of your book ensures that all of your punctuation, grammar and formatting is consistent and correct. Even if your approach is conversational and casual, consistent formatting and carefully punctuated sentences allow for an easier, more comprehensible read. This is a critical editing service to consider prior to publication.


Whether you are submitting an article to a magazine, sending your manuscript to publishers, or writing blog entries, a careful proofread can ensure a level of professionalism to your work that sets you apart from the rest.

Additional Services

Fact-checking, referencing, indexing and table of contents creation services are also available.