Are you ready to take 2020 by storm? Do you want to gain the upper hand over your competition? Well, buckle up and settle in—we are going to reintroduce a classic technique that can help you land more leads and conversions.

What Technique Are We Talking About?

Retargeting is a classic technique and well-known technique, but we are bringing it back into the spotlight. Only 2% of site visitors complete a sale or follow up on a service during their first visit. Retargeting is an excellent way to get them to come back to your site and do business with you.

What Is Retargeting?

Retargeting operates simply enough. You insert a code into a specific page on your website.  When your visitors click on the site, the code springs into action. When they leave the website, they will be presented with ads for your company on different websites they visit. 

If they, for example, check their Facebook page, they will see an ad for your product or service there as well. That reminds them of the product or service and acts as an extra touchpoint. They become more familiar with your brand and are more inclined to go through with the purchase.

Will This Work for Business Clients?

It is effective for business clients, as well. Just bear in mind that business clients also understand that this is a marketing trick. As a result, it might be prudent to get a little more creative. You can program your code to display any ad that you like.

Why use a standard ad displaying your products or services? Instead, why not create an ad that talks about a blog post or whitepaper that provides more information. Business owners want to know what the business case for using your product or service is.

Provide them with that by offering a link to a well-researched and crafted piece of content. Such an approach is a novel one. It is certainly not one that most people expect. Most would expect to see a standard ad. Instead, you provide them with thoughtful research and a well-written argument.

Which method would be more effective for you as a businessperson?

Final Notes on Retargeting

Making a splash in the advertising arena is becoming increasingly difficult. Marketers, primarily B2B marketers, need to get a lot more creative. Retargeting is not the newest tool in the marketer’s toolbox, but it is a highly effective one.