Getting Started on Google Plus

If you’re not already there, it’s time to jump in with both feet and make a splash. Google Plus leads to better visibility, and it’s becoming a now-or-never opportunity. Between Google’s customized search results that land you ahead of the competition for people who have you in their circles to the better ranking you can achieve using the author ranking function, you can streamline your social media marketing effort by focusing on strengthening your Google plus presence. While the Google authorship program is in its infancy, it is positioned to help both individuals and businesses achieve rapid, credible visibility that rewards quality content.

Leveraging Google Plus

From sharing links and images to building circles of followers to hosting chats, Google+ is trying to create a one-stop social media hub for businesses and individuals. When used in conjunction with other Google tools like calendar and documents, you can leverage the power of Google to make stronger connections and generate buzz that perpetuates additional visibility. Google makes it easy to share specific content with specific audiences, allowing you to quickly and easily direct communications to specific groups. You may have a circle comprised of clients, another of contractors, and another for leads, then direct specific content to each of those three groups, all while growing your visibility and increasing your digital footprint using the powerhouse that fuels the largest search engine.

Content Is King, but Social Media Is Its Faithful Servant

Good content is only good if people know it exists, and Google+ is making it easier than ever to make sure your content is visible. Whether you’re focused on capturing a local segment or trying to position yourself as a global leader, Google+ offers you the ability to vet the most influential users in your industry, monitor competition, and analyze the viralability of your content.

Ultimately, Google+ tries to be a less stiff LinkedIn and a more professional Facebook with a viral video element thrown in for good measure. It may seem like a headache to add yet another social media platform to your efforts, but if Google stock prices are any indication, this is one company you want to get friendly with.