… we can only help make your inherent leadership qualities and credibility visible.

by Shadra Bruce

Clients often come to us with only a vague idea of what they want in terms of content or services, and we know they’re in trouble when their measurable goal is “to become a thought leader.”

While we can coach you and guide you in ways that help bring forth your insights and knowledge, and we can use what you give us to enhance your visibility and establish your credibility, it is important that we move beyond the latest buzzwords.

The only way to become a thought leader is to do the work of being a leadertake risks, lead by example, do the extraordinary, blaze new trails.

No one in social media can transform you into a thought leader if you’re not already playing the role.

The Ideal Client: A Thought Leader in Action, Not Desire

We have a client who is the CEO of his organization. He is the perfect example of an ideal client, because he doesn’t want to be a thought leader. He simply wants his business, his staff and his community to thrive. He is humble and giving; he is genuine in his efforts to be a responsible business owner and community leader. He makes decisions that are not about profit but about doing what’s right.

We aren’t responsible for him being a thought leader. He simply is. All we can do is make sure his actions are highlighted and his thoughts and motivations are shared. If we were to have a complaint, it would be only one. This client does not toot his own horn, which sometimes makes it difficult for us to discover his latest act of responsible leadership, especially when he keeps dedicating his blog space to highlighting the non-profits who make a difference to his community.

But then, that’s what a thought leader would do.