The final topic of our Social Media 101 series gives us a chance to leap in a completely different direction away from boardroom talk. Although a business can and should use platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to boost their visibility, there is one other tool that can have an incredible impact on your reach. And no, it’s not just for capturing the perfect picture of your gourmet meal or your latest selfie.

Today’s subject: Instagram


  • Easy engagement – Instagram has 400 million active users, and it is relatively easy to engage with your target audience. Simply snap a picture and post.
  • Attracts a younger audience – If you’re audience is largely comprised of Gen Zers, then this is the app you want to be using. The framework is seamless and takes minimal effort to engage with others, which is perfect for the fast-moving interests of the younger generations.
  • Images perform well – Videos and infographics are trending in the content marketing world. The brain processes visuals more quickly, and your audience isn’t expected to read an entire blog to get your message.


  • Key features cost money – For many of the more advanced Instagram features, you have to pay to play.
  • Requires some skill – Although snapping a picture is easy, snapping a good picture takes more effort. Instagram demands a bit of an artsy approach, because the whole point is to broadcast content that is “Insta-worthy.” Canva can help.
  • Different marketing strategy – Instagram requires a marketing strategy that is not only different from Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn but is also diverse, because of the audience.

The power that Instagram can wield within a business is often underestimated. Instagram can offer your business a platform that involves both authentic, personalized engagement combined with a purposeful marketing strategy. All platforms utilize image sharing, but Instagram is where you can take your images to the next level. Showcase how your brand engages with an audience, or snap photos of people hard at work in your warehouse. Instagram can offer glimpses into who you truly are as a business and how your services or products can benefit others. If that includes what you had for breakfast, there’s ways in which you can make that work, too! We’ll be exploring how Instagram can help us grow our visibility, too. Follow us on Instagram!

Social media – especially in the age of GDPR – is a powerful tool for reaching your audience. To capitalize on the unique capabilities of each platform takes time, effort, and a comprehensive strategy. If you would like to know more about how social media can help your business, contact us.