We’ve been writing content for a client for several years. They recently wrote explaining how impressed they were with the volume and quality of content they’d amassed, but wondered if there was any way to reuse some of the older content to breathe new life into it, since it is all still so relevant.

So glad you asked!

Using Content on Social Media

We re-share content on Twitter regularly with targeted hashtags, but to help revive some of the older articles that are still relevant, we also pull quotes from the articles and share them on the LinkedIn company page as a graphic. We can take longer excerpts from older articles to share on the Facebook page.

Sharing Content in Newsletters

If you have a big email list or send out a monthly newsletter, one of the best ways to use your old content is through sharing it via newsletter. Not only do you drive additional visitors to your website who are interested in reading more, but you remind them of the insight you have into the areas they need help with.


Whether you sort by category or topic, you can put together any number of ebooks that contain content from your blogs. Ebooks can include everything from a basic training manual to a how-to guide to a report. There’s no limit to what you can do with mostly-existing material.

Repurpose Old Content into Follow Up Content 

Anything you’ve written about can potentially be the starting point for a follow up, a part 2, or a revisit. Do an update, a part two, or a “more talking points” follow up that circles back to the original blog. For example, if you once wrote a blog about Why Bother with Facebook because their ad system was such a waste of money, it might be a good idea to do an update and discuss how they’ve improved their targeting so that you now recommend Facebook ads for most clients.

Repost Blogs to LinkedIn

To reach people who aren’t visiting your website but are connected with you on LinkedIn, we recommend reposting older blogs on LinkedIn with a link back to the blog saying, “Originally published here.”  By starting with older content, it’s already done its job for Google, and now you can breathe new life into it by putting it directly in front of your connections.

Rewrite or Recombine Content and Publish Something New 

Want to write for Forbes? HuffPost? Business2Community? All of these will put your name and brand in front of a new audience. Rewrite your old blogs into new articles and spins, and submit them for publication. Even Medium or Quora can help you get more visibility simply by reposting your older blogs and answering questions using content from blogs.


Turn content into downloadable PDFs that can then be included in new content as something you offer people to download.

Case Studies

Use the content and client info to build new case studies (examples of your advice in action).

Other Content Repurpose Ideas: 

  • Turn content into podcasts or videos for the site
  • Turn content into webinars
  • Turn content into slide decks & Infographics
  • Create online communication & training courses
  • Create email training series on specific topics

Syndicate Your Content 

This requires an investment, but you can pay Outbrain or some similar site to syndicate your content so that appears on bigger sites.

Create Press Releases

Repurposing content into press releases is more challenging. A press release has to be newsworthy, and the distribution fee is around $500, a lot of your content can be transformed into press releases with a simple spin.

We’ve repurposed content for clients in every manner listed above, and they are all viable ways to infuse new life into old content while generating new interesting and visibility for your brand. Let us know if we can help you.