Old-fashioned SEO tactics DO NOT WORK. You will get you sanctioned by Google. Every optimization effort you make needs to be above-board and carefully planned to ensure you are using tactics that will help you gain visibility.

The main focus of your content marketing should be exceptional writing.

DaSh factor advice for exceptional content marketing:

  1. Don’t focus on SEO first.
  2. Write content that answers questions your audience asks.
  3. Make your content informative.
  4. Proofread and polish your content.
  5. Do not hire “SEO” firms who use archaic tactics.
  6. Reuse content in multiple ways on multiple platforms.
  7. Leverage WordPress tools and plugins to make your optimization work for you.
  8. Do not use poorly-written, keyword-stuffed garbage to try to increase your SEO.
  9. Do not try to game the system.
  10. Publish well-written content frequently.

We like this infographic from contentmarketinginstitute.com.