LinkedIn continues to make improvements to the user experience with these recently launched updates to features that we already love.

Share Professional Insights

The photo and video capabilities of LinkedIn have changed dramatically. Multiple photos can now be shared within a single post, and it will soon be possible to record and post videos directly from your LinkedIn app. This allows for easy snapshots of your latest conference or live videos documenting your insights. Currently, iOS has native video functions, but LinkedIn is working hard to deliver the same option to desktop and Android systems.

Better Content Sharing

Even guests and logged-out users can have access to your posts with this upgrade. Your LinkedIn content can be shared across social media platforms by copying the post’s URL. This can improve your audience reach.

More Content Control

The latest LinkedIn updates also give you more control over your content, with the ability to share drafts of your articles. Are you unsure of how your audience will respond to a post? Click “Share Draft” in the article menu, and only those to whom you’ve shared a direct link will be able to view your draft. Once your reviewers have given it the green light, you can feel confident in what you publish.

Comment Control

One of the most frustrating aspects of social media is how easy it can be to lose control over a post. Comments can result in threads that are not representative of the professional environment you would like to establish on your LinkedIn page. With the most recent rollout of new features, LinkedIn has included the ability to directly manage the comments on your posts. If you’re not happy with the direction of a thread on an article, you can easily disable comments in post settings and quell an ember before it becomes a  fire. Enabling the comments is just as easy, should you have genuine interest in what your readers have to say regarding a given topic.

These helpful updates will create a more unique LinkedIn experience that will cater to the professional network you would like to build. It’s still user-friendly, duplicating the capabilities of other familiar apps, while also offering the opportunity for a more personalized interface within a professional system.