Everyone is at least aware of Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as potential social marketing platforms, but for some businesses, celebrities, authors, and personalities, there are other platforms that can be even more powerful for reaching and engaging with your audience and gaining more visibility.


YouTube is an important business tool. In multiple studies, it ranks close to Twitter in use by companies that consciously focus on having a social media presence. Nearly all younger consumers view YouTube content on a regular basis, and the ease of establishing a unique YouTube channel and posting videos makes it a simple, effective way to share business content.

As a rule, all videos you post on your main website and other social media sites should be uploaded to a branded YouTube channel, as well. In addition, you can use YouTube as a storage space for quality content you create but have not used yet on other social media networks. There is no significant downside to using YouTube, and it is easy to manage, so it is a tool all companies should use to some extent.


Many people view Pinterest as nothing more than an online scrapbooking forum, but it is one of the highest traffic referrers back to websites. Its image-sharing focus allows businesses that cater to creative customers to interact with those consumers in a unique and valuable way. Businesses that use Pinterest most effectively do so effectively organizing Pinterest Boards, ensuring the pins are high quality and aligned with your brand.


In 2014, Ello was launched as a future alternative to Facebook for people who disliked online advertisements and business-focused data mining within a social media framework. Early user estimates were extremely optimistic, but growth has slowed. It is a great space for artists, authors, and activists and the businesses who want to align with them in an authentic way.


Yelp is one of the most used social review sites. It is radically different than the more traditional social media sites, but a strong, positive presence on Yelp can help many smaller, local businesses – especially those in a service industry. The best advice regarding Yelp is simple: Have solid, compelling visual images, and encourage your loyal customers to post reviews. If you can’t generate lots of positive reviews, Yelp is not somewhere you want to be; if you can, Yelp can be a good driver of new business.

If you would like to explore one of these social platforms, DaSh factor can help you determine if they are a good fit for your goals – and help you make the most of using them. Contact us for more information.