We all want to be content gurus, providing content marketing strategies that are engaging, relevant, and in alignment with the vision and brand our respective companies. These 4 companies have proven that amazing content, brand loyalty, and even a social justice mindset can all be catalysts for consumer engagement and overall profits. If you need inspiration for your content marketing strategy, start here.

  1. TED

Who doesn’t love a good TED Talk? TED epitomizes the story-telling strategy that is vital to great content marketing. TED Talks leverage off emotions that are relatable to almost any consumer base, packaging them in neat videos that aren’t excessively long. Their “ideas worth spreading” principle demonstrates that while content marketing is the strategy, your goal should be to create content in which people are actually interested and from which they would benefit.

  1. IBM

You probably wouldn’t have thought of this tech giant as a leader in content marketing, but their methods of engagement are as genius as their products. They take ideas that would normally be mind-numbing for the general audience and make them interesting and accessible. Not everyone is talking about computer hardware, but with the right presentation, any content can be captivating. IBM happens to be the Guinness World Record title holder for the world’s smallest movie, where they teach us a little bit about atoms.

  1. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s has delighted consumers with delicious ice cream flavors for years, and they are as interested in social justice as they are in engaging with their target audience. They’ve never shied away from taking a political stance, sending support for the Democratic party with this flavor and expressing their distaste in the current administration by supporting activist efforts. Not everyone loves controversy but taking a stand has shown to be good for Ben & Jerry’s business.

  1. Airbnb

Airbnb is another company that is launching initiatives in support of social justice, such as this 2017 Super Bowl ad. Sometimes great content is driven by our own PR mistakes, as Airbnb discovered when they came under fire for racial discrimination before this aired. They took the opportunity to right a wrong, while also creating quite a stir. This is important as they attempt to expand their brand from domestic to international, and from pleasure to business.

There are many components to good content, and it can be a challenge to get it right. The timing, the topic, the delivery, and more, can all determine how your content is perceived. If you want to be considered a leader in content marketing and in your industry, you must be innovative in your approach. Easier said than done? Get some insight by contacting us here.