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Books by Shadra Bruce

Stories from a StepMom 

SfSMDisney had it wrong. Stepmothers aren’t always wicked. This book delves into all that can be good about being a stepmom – opening your heart, building new relationships, and creating a loving blended family – while tackling the tough stuff, like how to handle discipline, what to do when people minimize your role, and why dad’s role is so crucial to your success as a stepmom. Included in the book is a Q & A section with some of the most common questions the author has been asked over the years from stepmoms seeking stepparenting advice, along with a sneak peek at Shadra’s upcoming book.

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Books by David T. Bruce

Nietzsche Rebooted in the Twenty-First Century: Cylon Supermen in Battlestar Galactica

nietzscheNietzsche Rebooted in the Twenty-First Century: Cylon Supermen in Battlestar Galactica explores parallels that liken Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra with Executive Producers David Eick’s and Ronald D. Moore’s television production of Battlestar Galactica. David explores the reality of multimedia and screenplays as viable forms of literature that will engage scholars immersed in twenty-first-century technology. By doing so, he demonstrates how classic literature becomes accessible to an audience adept at learning and theorizing in ways that go beyond text on the page.

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Poetry by David T. Bruce

Rage Rage  Book of politically charged poetry by David T. Bruce, creator of the political blog Ethical Revolutionist. Available on Amazon.
bitter sweet release Bitter Sweet Release Haunting poetry and social commentary from the creator of the political blog Ethical Revolutionist. Available on Amazon.

“Modern Day Pirates” featured in the 2007 “In Other Words” poetry anthology

We no longer hear because we no longer listen.
We no longer see because we no longer look.
We no longer wonder because we no longer care.
Deaf and blind are we.

Driven by greed,
we plunder for wealth.
we have lost much more than we have gained.
The true riches of life will not be found at the supermarket or in a mall.
Perhaps it is better to be dirt poor than filthy rich.

Behind a child’s eyes is the wonder of living,
the grandeur of being.
Capture that state!
Not another plot of land,
not another concrete possession,
not another way of life!

Value that which is yours by birth,
not that which you have bargained or looted for.
Of all the treasures we may covet,
our souls – our essence – are our most precious jewels.

Contributing Author, Editor

No-Nonsense Parenting For Today’s Teenager by Norbert Georget

For 25 years, Norbert Georget traveled North America speaking to groups of parents and teenagers about the dangers of drinking and driving, about the dangers of drugs, and about what can happen in life when you’re not making good choices. Norbert was literally out in the trenches as a paramedic, often having to be the one to tell devastated parents that their child did not survive a crash or could not be resuscitated after an overdose. He made it his life mission to save lives, and spoke to nearly two million students. Norbert passed away suddenly on January 24, 2012. He will be forever missed.

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Hell or High Water: Complicated Creatures Part Two
Goddess Rising
Complicated Creatures Part Three




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