With the availability of technology and social media, event marketing is no longer restricted to big corporations. Companies of any size can capitalize on this influential marketing strategy, and every business should. Event marketing is an affordable way to establish relevance in your industry and engage with your audience.

Engagement and Visibility

Any event , regardless of size, can be a means of promoting your brand. Hosting a webinar? Speaking at a conference? Organizing a client training session? You can easily make the most of these moments with pre-event promotions, post-event wrap-ups, and live-event tweeting. Amplify the power of your visibility at events with social media.

Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

When you attend events and conferences in your industry, or for community outreach and networking purposes – in person or online – your brand is being highlighted every time. Why limit your exposure to just the other people in attendance when you can maximize the impact of these events? Event marketing can be a great brand booster if you are consistently delivering appealing messages.

Generate Future Marketing

One of the advantages of event marketing is that it doesn’t have to stop when the event ends. Continue to generate interest with a collection of the best quotes from prominent speakers. Create a blog post with a gallery of interesting images and event highlights. Promote a discussion based on a summary of the event and find out the thoughts of your audience. Capture names and emails of attendees for personal follow-ups. There are many ways to leverage content from a recent event.

Want to Learn More?

DaSh factor provides all-encompassing event marketing, from helping you develop marketing materials and copy to handling the email campaign to developing a unique hashtag to involve participants. Our team frequently live tweets for clients around the world when they attend events – without you having to absorb the cost of travel for an in-person marketer. We have strategies in place to help us keep you visible in trending tweet streams and can make sure your audience knows when you’re involved in the community, industry events, and leadership moments.

Event marketing is only limited by the creativity of your marketing team, so let us DaSh up your next event. Contact us to learn more about our services.