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Customer experience succeeds when there is genuine, personal engagement with customers.

When It Comes to Customer Experience, You Have to Mean It

For our tenth anniversary, we went to Montreal. There we discovered a little restaurant, La Marche de La Villette, on Rue St. Paul in Old Port. It was crowded with tables, and we were uncertain about the chaotic atmosphere, but the waiter (Michel) sang delightful French songs to the patrons, and the food was delicious.

The entire experience was so wonderful that we returned several times to visit during out stay. The food was amazing every time. We were always welcomed by the staff, who recognized us with each subsequent visit and asked how we were enjoying our stay. But it was when we returned the next year that we fell in love with the place and began telling everyone about it. Not only was the food as delicious as ever (if you go, try the crepe with jambon et fromage) but they still remembered us and referred to us as their ‘friends from New York’ We returned every after that, sometimes bringing our kids. We truly missed our annual visits after moving to Utah.

[Update: We missed it so much we took an impromptu road trip across the country last July to go to Montreal and spent each lunch at La Marche).

What did this restaurant do right?

Certainly La Marche offered consistency that was often lacking from the restaurants along Jacques Cartier, who largely existed to serve the tourists. They provided a unique atmosphere. But what set them apart – and what has kept this restaurant in business over the years – is their genuine, personal treatment of their customers.

The staff at La Marche treats their patrons like old friends, welcoming them back no matter how long it has been. The owner, Lucovic, works tirelessly to provide an exceptional experience, making visitors feel like part of a family.

Everybody is talking about customer experience this year, but La Marche gets it right without thinking about it. It’s genuine.

[Update: We’ve now moved back to New York and we’re already planning trips to Montreal to see our friends at La Marche.]

There’s More to Success than Making the Next Sale

Our efforts with our clients are far more aligned with improving their overall digital footprint, thought leadership, and networking than simply focusing on making a sale. Your investment in social media engagement, content marketing and branding is not measured solely in making sales; it is measured in the elevation of your credibility and thought leadership, growth in respect in your industry, opportunities to network and build relationships, and increased visibility. Sales come from the opportunities that develop from being considered a leader in your field. While we believe here is a need to quantify results, the why behind the service we offer is more about creating opportunities and amplifying thought leadership.

If you are ready to build your credibility and become an established thought leader in your niche, what you really need (and what we do) is to have your efforts properly amplified across all of your social platforms, engaging with the proper targets to foster and grow the right relationships and further intensify your visibility.

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Should I Use a Paper? is “an online service that organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format.” The digital newspapers aggregate specified content from Twitter users, topics, or hashtags. papers can be a useful tool, but we don’t recommend using them as a replacement for your newsletter or in place of email marketing. If you are considering a paper, you will get the most benefit from by paying for the professional version (it’s only $9 per month) so that you can customize the paper for better branding (adding a header, removing ads, adding your own ads).
The true benefits of a are:
  1. Automated Twitter engagement. You can set up your paper to pull in news from a variety of sources, then schedule it to recurate daily and mention some of the Twitter users the news was pulled from.
  2. Embedded content on your website that changes daily.
Read more on how and why can help your branding & marketing.

Google Announces Animated GIF Filter

Google announced on March 19 the introduction of a new image search function that provides the ability to easily and quickly search for animated GIFs using an animated GIF filter. Prior to this change, finding GIFs has been an arduous task, and the response to the change has been overwhelmingly positive. With the new change of Google GIF search, select “animated” under “search tools” and choose GIF as the type. The change to Google’s image search includes the ability to narrow the search to transparent images as well. This enhancement is of benefit to those looking for the GIFs but may have an even larger impact to publishers who use GIFs with regard to their visibility.

How GIF Search will Impact SEO

The Google animated GIF filter will speed up the process of finding GIFs to embed, allowing publishers and bloggers to publish more quickly and therefore more frequently using GIFs. And because more people will be able to find GIFs easily, the number of searches for GIFs will increase, so having them on a site will net new visitors.

The direct impact of the search change on SEO is unknown, but because GIFs have been around since the 1800s and are one of the most popular formats for publishers, making them easier to find and use will increase the likelihood that more websites will feature GIFs. Animated GIFs are easy to make, quick to use, and don’t take up much space, so they load quickly. They add visible interest to blogs and websites, increase time spent on the site, and encourage increased pageviews.

Read the Google announcement here.

Google Stock Value Tops $800: Google Plus Just Got More Relevant

Google stock prices broke new ground, exceeding $800 for the first time last week. Analysts predict that Google is primed for continued growth, and part of that growth will likely be thanks to Google+, which had a 9400% increase in followers in the last year.

The stock gain is a significant milestone for Google, as the company experienced so many challenges since tipping the $700 scale in 2007. (In fact, the rocky road to 800 brought about a major shakeup in company leadership.) The Google stock value increase is being credited to the leadership of Larry Page, who took over as CEO for Eric Schmidt in 2011. Since Page took over, the stock has been increasing steadily, well above the S&P benchmark.

For Google, the stock valuation is mostly sentiment; the company tried last year to split its stock only to wind up on trial after shareholders alleged that the split would leave too much control with Page and cofounder Sergey Brin. That trial won’t be resolved any time soon, but analysts predict that the Google stock price increase is yet another indication of Google’s predicted continued success.

Google continues to be both a thorn in the side of Facebook, as well as a foil to it. Facebook’s IPO was considered one of the biggest in U.S. history; their stock was initially offered at $38 per share, but has since dropped 25 percent. Google’s IPO in 2004 saw a initial stock price of $85 – a price they’ve never dipped below. Google already dominates the search engine market, and with Page at the helm, the company has been steadily streamlining services and creating what is now considered a growing contender in the social media market, with Google+.

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How much is 140 characters costing you?

You have a job to do and it’s not writing blogs posts and making social media updates. In fact, if you’re spending your time doing that, you are wasting your company’s most valuable resource: you.

Unless you’re a professional writer and community manager, spending time blogging, managing your social media, writing press releases, and performing other Internet marketing functions tear you away from the focus you must have on building your business and your relationships to be successful.

Choosing to partner with a professional blogger and social media manager can free you to focus on building and growing your business without sacrificing the visibility you need to survive.