Shadra BruceShadra is a branding and visibility consultant who specializes in creating comprehensive campaigns online and through social media for companies as well as individuals.  She has a bachelor’s degree in economics and a master’s degree in English Literature. The author of Stories from a Step Mom, Shadra is a leading expert in family relationships, stepparenting and blended families and the owner and creator of MomsGetReal.

Shadra specializes in helping people achieve credibility and visibility online, offering a variety of social media services. She is a highly sought after writer on the topics of parenting, stepparenting, family issues, relationships, finance, economics, tax issues, green living, home business, frugal living, insurance and travel. Her articles have appeared in a variety of magazines and newspapers in print and online. She is passionate about helping to unify all cultures, making the world a peaceful place today and tomorrow.

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